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Karsandas Pay & Use Gujarati Movie Reviews

Review by: Times of India Rating: 4/5
Overall, Karsandas Pay & Use reasserts the fact that nothing else matters if a film is made well and tells a good story. Being a Gujarati film, it will find connect with all kind of audiences and that’s where its strength lies. Even though last few months have been rather slow and sluggish for the Gujarati film industry, Karsandas makes up for it. It’s not only entertaining, but also a feel good love story of a small town couple telling that you don’t need an upmarket space for romance, it can happen even in a pay and use facility.

Review by: Buddy bits Rating: 4.5/5
Karsandas Pay & Use is by far the best Gujarati film of 2017. Watch it for the performances, music, dialogues and editing. Leads Mayur Chauhan, Deeksha Joshi and supporting cast Hemang Shah, Chetan Daiya and Jay Bhatt are going to win your hearts with powerful performances. A must watch!

Review by: Desh Gujarat Rating: 3/5
In spite of having a toilet at the center of the movie, they haven’t shown a single shot of it! It has some toilet humor, but never goes below the belt, which was the case with ‘Chhello Divas.’ This is a clean comedy. ‘Karsandas Pay And Use’ is far from a perfect film, but it constantly entertains you. It even triggers some thoughts as well. This is no ‘Sairat’, a huge Marathi hit with the same premise. But still give this movie a try, with family. You won’t be disappointed.

Review by: Filmi Kafe Rating: 4/5
कुल मिलाकर कहें तो असाधारण कहानी, उम्‍दा निर्देशन और शानदार अभिनय से सुशोभित फिल्‍म करसनदास पे एंड यूज चार स्‍टार की हकदार है।

Review by: Divya Bhaskar Rating: 3.5/5
ક્રિષ્નદેવ યાજ્ઞિકે ઓડિયન્સને નવું આપવામાં ભરપૂર મહેનત કરી તે આ ફિલ્મમાં દેખાઇ આવે છે. આ ફિલ્મ પણ સહપરિવાર જોવાલાયક છે.

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