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Watch: Short Film on Eye Donation "Sankalp Chakshudan Ka"

Watch latest Hindi Short film on Eye Donation "Sankalp Chakshudan Ka". Eye donation is an act of charity, purely for the benefit of the society and is totally voluntary. It is done after death. So eye-donation should be encouraged in a large scale, as one of the best means of social service. To enable another person obtain vision is one of the best forms of charity. Even after death the donor lives in the eyes of recipient.
Watch: Short Film on Eye Donation "Sankalp Chakshudan Ka"
Short Film: Sankalp ChakshuDan Ka
Producer: Tejaswini Thakore
Artist: Krishna, Arpan Shah (MKF Acting Students), Bharti Joshi and Arjun Sharma (Dubbing Artist)
Makeup: Ashok Parmar
Cameraman: Pankaj Modi
Editor: Diptesh Thakore
Dubbing: Doshi Studio
Dubbing Artist: Arjun Sharma
Story-Screenplay-Dialogues: Arpan Shah (MKF Script Writing Student)
Assistant Director: Virendra Shah (MKF Direction Student)
Director: Shailendra Thakore
Year: 2017

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