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Watch: Riya Sen's thriller Short Film "Lonely Girl"

Lonely Girl is a psychological thriller revolving around beautiful Radhika Kapoor who wakes up with a faded memory in her outhouse and realizes that she is trapped inside. She's startled to find a mysterious woman Gauri, who tries to convince her that she is her close friend and her husband Arjun is the one who is upto no good. As Radhika begins to get her memory back, she senses that things may not be as they seem and just then we see a dead body in the house! Will Radhika realize what has happened? What is Gauri's motive? Where is her husband? Whose dead body is in the house? Find out when you watch Lonely Girl.

The film is written & directed by the director of Mickey Virus and Girl in Red, Saurabh Varma
Starring: Riya Sen, Kyra Dutt and Gulshan Nain
Director of Photography - Amit Singh
Executive Producer - Rajveer Ahuja
Associate Dir & Editor - Sundiip Singh
Produced by - Ratnesh Kumar, Mohan Shetty, Sunil Thadani
Written & Directed by - Saurabh Varma
Singer - Aishwarya Majmudar
Lyrics - Saurabh Varma
Camera - G S Video
Location - Royal Palms, Mumbai

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