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Get Ready for Hrithik Vs Srk on this New Year !!

After we have seen Bollywood movie War between Karan Johar's ADHM and Ajay Devgan's Shivaay on Diwali. Get ready for the Another movie war between Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan on this coming new year 2017.

When Release Date of Hrithik Roshan's Kaabil and Shahrukh KHan's Raees announced as 26th Jan then everyone at Bollywood got shocked as any time any such big starer film clash at box office one of the movie have to face loss.

Watch Trailer of Kaabil

But After that Maker of Kaabil movie decided to release Kaabil one day earlier that is on 25th Jan to avoid clash with Raees then the story of movie war between Hrithik and Srk ended. but if Kaabil release one day earlier then also this is beneficial decision as this movie will get one more day to earn profit.
But then now today with the launch of Raees Trailer Makers of Raees hits back at Makers of Kaabil. As with trailer makers of Raees declared to Release Raees on 25th Jan 2016 that is with Kaabil. So Raees maker also shifted release date one day earlier like Kaabil.
Get Ready for Hrithik Vs Srk on this New Year !!
Why this is war between Srk vs Hrithik? 
As Kaabil is produced by Hrithik Roshan's family company Film Craft and Raees is also produced by Shahrukh Khan's banner Red Chillis Entertainment. By the way Farhan Akhtar is also one of the Producer of Raees. 

Why no one will step back?
As on 26th January 2017 there is holiday due to Republic Day. Followed by 3 Main days of Film Business that is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So no film maker wants to give up such a great opportunity, so none of the producer will step back but instead try to give tough competition. 

So on this New Year 2017 get Ready for Srk's Raees vs Hrithik's Kaabil at box office. Both movies are releasing on 25th Jan 2017. 

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